Internationales Jesuiten-Gymnasium mit Internat für Jungen und Mädchen

Welcome to Kolleg St. Blasien

Welcome! The Kolleg St. Blasien is a private Catholic grammar school (Gymnasium) with separate boarding facilities for boys and girls. The Boarding Section is actually comprised of 120 boys and 110 girls under close supervision.


The School is located in the Southern Black Forest near to both the Swiss and French borders. The school can easily be reached through Zurich or Basel International Airport.

Tradition and innovation

The School is rooted in the 400 year old Jesuit educational tradition. It has been located in St. Blasien for nearly 75 years. Tradition mixes with innovation to stay modern while maintaining Jesuit educational standards.

Students from all over the world

The 20 different nations represented among the students at Kolleg St. Blasien lend a distinctive international flair to a traditional classical European education.

Opportunity for non-native German speakers

A unique offer for non-nativ German speakers is the so called „Euroklasse“. This class enables speakers of other languages to master German sufficiently in the course of a year to qualify through the Goethe Institute examination for the Zertifikat Deutsch (ZD), which is generally accepted in Germany and in many other countries as proof of sound basic knowledge of German.

School subjects

The state-recognized Kolleg St. Blasien offers a number of language concentrations. In addition to the standard classical and modern languages (Latin, English, French, Spanish and classical Greek), the Kolleg has pioneered the teaching of Chinese, which is expected to be of increasing importance for the world of tomorrow. Other disciplines such as Science, Math, History, Religion, and many more meet equally high standards.

Wide range of activities

In– and outside of the academic curriculum students develop values and skills in music, sports, debating, drama and social work. A high point of our Spring Whitsuntide Celebration is the theatrical production staged and performed entirely by the students.

Jesuit spirituality

The development of the spiritual person, however, remains the heart and soul of the education at the Kolleg. Christian values, worship, and teachings are emphasized under the guidance of the Jesuits in residence. The Kolleg maintains close contacts and exchange opportunities with other Jesuit schools within Europe and in the larger world. The essence of this focus is an understanding on the part of students that knowledge, expertise, and talents are gifts from God intended for service rather than mere self-aggrandizement or the acquisition of material wealth.